I enjoy creating artwork on a variety of sizes of canvas. I decided to build the image up using tiny dots, thus choosing ink, fine liner pen, as this gave me the greatest freedom for far more detailed drawings. I also love simple pencil, which I use to draw landscapes, places and portraits.

Mini canvasses 2.75 cm square and 2.75 x 3.5 cm.
I build up the image with many dots using fine liner pen.

Canvasses 7 x 5 inches and 8 inches square
I use pen and ink, but add coloured pencils and watercolour pencils, giving the picture greater contrast and effect.

Images include:
Cornwall landscapes and seascapes featuring sailing boats, castles such as Pendennis Castle Falmouth, lighthouse, sunsets and monuments such as Carn Brea.
Variety of vehicles such as motorbikes and cars, some vintage include MG, Norman Dewis Twin Cam XJ13, Lotus Elan model and Rolls Royce.

I need to update the list of sold canvasses and replace some images with new canvasses I have painted. I will do this in the coming months.