Hello, welcome to my gallery of photographs which I am really happy I can share with you. I hope you enjoy my images and that they bring you pleasure to view.

My love of photography began in a tiny darkroom in the chemistry lab at School where the excitement of seeing a picture emerge from a blank piece of paper in a shallow dish drew my interest, and compositions with glistening and shimmering reflections, dramatic shadows within light revealed how beautiful painting with light could be, inspiring the direction of my photography.

I was born in Yorkshire, England, having the joy to visit beautiful, interesting and historic places at home and abroad over the years. On my travels I especially love plays of light on landscapes and dramatic scenes. My love of animals and wildlife is reflected in the way I like to capture them in their natural environment without interfering. My interest in archaeology has given me a more in-depth view of the historical monuments I have photographed. I hope you enjoy the information I have included to add interest to my photographs.

I hope you love my photographs, and if you wish to purchase any, they can be bought as high quality images via a link to ALAMY on the purchasing page. My images can be bought as a framed picture via Alamy. Over the coming months I will be downloading many images and their descriptions. I will also be opening an account with Amazon as soon as practicable where you will be able to buy a variety of products such as my stories, poetry, drawings and photographs.

My canvasses such as pen dot mini canvasses (see artwork tab) are for sale at craft fairs, art exhibitions and Paraphenalia in St Ives. Please see the news tabs for details or contact me.

I will be adding images to this website and other 35mm images from slides and negatives, once I have uploaded them, so I do hope you will return to my website again as I develop it. If there is anything, any place, in particular you would like me to download, I am very likely to have a picture so can bring it to the front of the queue of those I am downloading if you ask.

The galleries I am developing at present are:
Seen from above, People and places, Mountains and lakes, Sunrises and sunsets, Wildlife and fauna, Water snow and ice, Historical sites, Volcanic landscape, Dramatic skies and Cornwall.

Thank you for your kind interest.

© Grace Johnson. All rights reserved.